MMSE training center

Starting from 2020, MMSE Training Center is conducting HSE training according to the program approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the Center for Labor Safety and Hygiene.

Employer Training

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Course Overview

This training course will provide detailed information on health and safety issues that may be encountered
in the workplace and will provide knowledge on how to carry out a successful risk assessment and
implement appropriate control measures.

Learning objectives:

To provide a basic and legal understanding of occupational safety and hygiene, which is essential for the
safe working of employees and the protection of their health from negative factors in the workplace.

Target group:

All employed workers

Teaching methods

Occupational safety and health training for all employees consists of the following training methods.

  • Lecture
  • Seminars (Workshops) and presentations
  • Group discussion
  • Tasks
  • Case studies and functional exercises

Course content:

  • General understanding of occupational safety and health
  • Labor law
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • Dangerous factors and prevention of industrial accidents
  • Types of factors affecting health in the workplace and occupational diseases
  • Types of work clothes and personal protective equipment (PPE) and proper use
  • The role and participation of each employee in identifying, reporting, and mitigating factors that may cause accidents and illnesses in the workplace
  • Methods and practical practices for risk assessment before starting work
  • Emergency response and disaster preparedness
  • First aid for patients of accidents
  • Illness related to employee behavior and its prevention
  • Rio Tinto’s (International) and Oyutolgoi safety regulations